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Solar Energy to the Dubai GITEX 2006 [5/31/2006]
Solar Energy participates in Shenzhen Internationa [6/2/2006]
SolarEnergy will participate COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2006 [6/2/2006]
Solar Energy Guangzhou office was established. [7/7/2006]
Welcome visit us in HK Electronics & Components [4/10/2007]
Solar Energy attend Taiwan Computex2007 [5/19/2007]
Taiwan Computex,Solarenergy show high capacityDDR2 [6/7/2007]
New ENERGY - 940pins/SIS761GX M.B. [7/4/2007]
KUK -the best capability-value award [7/10/2007]
KUK DDR II 667- The best stable award [7/19/2007]
HongKong Morning Market Watch(Aug 7th, 2007) [8/7/2007]
HongKong Morning Market Watch (Aug 16th, 2007) [8/16/2007]
Solarenergy international Co.,ltd join the GITEX [9/8/2007]
Solar energy Int’l Co., obtained consummate of... [9/17/2007]
HongKong Morning Market Watch (Sep 19th, 2007) [9/19/2007]
Memory tester targets multi-chip packages [10/31/2007]
DRAM market gears up for DDR3 [11/8/2007]
DRAMeXchange Sees DDR2 1GB Contract Prices Stabilizing after a Six-month Drop [1/9/2008]
Taiwan DRAM firms to assemblers: Share our pain [1/22/2008]
DRAM contract quotes to remain stable in 1H of March as PC OEMs increase purchases [3/10/2008]
Hynix expands efforts in China, Taiwan [3/10/2008]
Samsung blasts Hynix tech transfer deal [3/10/2008]
China Morning Market Watch (Mar 11th, 2008) [3/11/2008]
HongKong Morning Market Watch (Mar 11th, 2008) [3/11/2008]
Hynix Plans Business Expansion in India [3/17/2008]
UMC and Elpida partner to serve Japan-based foundry customers [3/18/2008]
Clearer polysilicon price trend to emerge in early summer [3/18/2008]
Winbond has no plan to change capex budget [3/18/2008]
HongKong Morning Market Watch (Mar 18th, 2008) [3/18/2008]
Nanya, Inotera, and Qimonda seeking solutions to avoid harming each other [3/20/2008]
DRAM may remain cheap for a long time [3/20/2008]
HongKong Morning Market Watch (Mar 20th, 2008) [3/20/2008]
China introduces tax incentive for sub 0.25-micron process semiconductor production [4/1/2008]
Semi and solar wafers seeing divergent price trends, says paper [4/1/2008]
HongKong Morning Market Watch (Apr 1st, 2008) [4/1/2008]
Kingston the biggest beneficiary of NAND flash price recovery [4/18/2008]
Apple shipments outpace PC vendors [4/18/2008]
Hongkong Daily Market Commentary (Apr 18th, 2008) [4/18/2008]
HongKong Morning Market Watch (Apr 28th, 2008) [4/28/2008]
Hynix raised DRAM prices about 15 pct in April [5/6/2008]
DRAM, NAND prices to jump in May [5/6/2008]
Intel, Samsung, TSMC push for 450-mm [5/6/2008]
HongKong Morning Market Watch (May 6th, 2008) [5/6/2008]
Super Talent launch SSD notebook replacement drives [5/13/2008]
Transcend releases tiny high performance SATA Flash Module [5/13/2008]
Wafer inspection startup raised $8M [5/13/2008]
Hongkong Daily Market Commentary (May 13th, 2008) [5/13/2008]
Samsung said to soon introduce 14.6-megapixel CMOS image sensor [5/15/2008]
Kingston tops 2007 DRAM sales ranking with a 30% YoY growth [5/15/2008]
Memory Chip Makers Rally As AMAT Reports Cap Ex Drop [5/15/2008]
China Daily Market Commentary (May 15th, 2008) [5/15/2008]
Hynix China fab reports blackout; impact limited [5/21/2008]
Hynixs power outage may affect its?one week worth of production [5/21/2008]
SMART Modular Technologies Revises Earnings Guidance for Third Quarter Fiscal 2008 [5/21/2008]
Can Samsung Survive Without Guiding Light? [5/21/2008]
HongKong Morning Market Watch (May 21st, 2008) [5/21/2008]
Hynix sees better memory market in H2 [5/23/2008]
Toshiba sees stable NAND prices [5/23/2008]
Elpida plans to raise DRAM prices [5/23/2008]
Hongkong Daily Market Commentary (May 23rd, 2008) [5/23/2008]
Multi-chip DRAM and NAND flash package for phones [5/30/2008]
HongKong Morning Market Watch (Jun 3rd, 2008) [6/3/2008]
Elpida open to share swap with Qimonda [6/13/2008]
Hongkong Daily Market Commentary (Jul 14th, 2008) [7/14/2008]
Hongkong Daily Market Commentary (Jul 17th, 2008) [7/17/2008]
Hongkong Daily Market Commentary (Jul 21st, 2008) [7/21/2008]
Hongkong Daily Market Commentary (Aug 25th, 2008) [8/25/2008]
Rock-Bottom Prices Result in Huge Loss to DRAM Makers [9/5/2008]
Memory chip makers still hurting from supply glut [9/5/2008]
SanDisk Shares Soar on Samsung Interest [9/8/2008]
DRAM contract prices in 1H Sept. continued to decline [9/8/2008]
SanDisk/Samsung Combo Would Have Complications [9/8/2008]
Samsung mulls £1.7bn bid for chip giant [9/8/2008]
SanDisk downgraded to hold on market, M&A concerns [9/10/2008]
DRAM boom-lite coming [9/16/2008]
DRAM Prices Plunge 18 Percent in Two Weeks [9/23/2008]
Computer chip market feeling global pinch [9/23/2008]
CORRECTED - CORRECTED-OFFICIAL-UPDATE 1-Hynix sells $100 mln China JV stake [9/27/2008]
Analyst sees chip sales in August falter [9/27/2008]
Memory Maker Shares Gain on Hynix Spending Report (Update1) [9/27/2008]
Memory chipmakers face survival [10/6/2008]
DRAM makers face tougher challenges: iSuppli [10/6/2008]
In wake of layoffs,Micron buys part of Taiwanese co [10/13/2008]
Qimonda Agrees to Sell Its Stake in Inotera Memories to Micron Technology [10/13/2008]
Taiwan NAND flash makers turn soft over SanDisk lawsuit [10/18/2008]
DRAM market continues to free-fall [10/18/2008]
SanDisk shares rise after Goldman 'Buy' rating [11/4/2008]
Ahead of the Bell: Citi upgrades chip sector [11/4/2008]
DDR3 SDRAM exposed: Inside a bleeding-edge, blazing-fast memory device [11/4/2008]
DRAM contract quotes drop 10% again in 2H November [11/24/2008]
Memory chip of future promises massive storage capacity [11/24/2008]
Intel raids skilled staff from SMIC and Hynix for Fab 68 in China [11/28/2008]
Taiwan stocks hit 2-wk high on US gains, techs up [11/28/2008]
Saxony mulls aid options for Qimonda, may take stake [11/28/2008]
Qimonda completes sale of Inotera shares [12/1/2008]
Elpida touts low-power 50nm SDRAM [12/1/2008]
BUY OR SELL-Is it time to buy memory chip makers? [12/9/2008]
Samsung Electronics to cut capex 30% or more [12/9/2008]
ProMOS says Q4 output to fall more than forecast [12/9/2008]
Chip Makers Feel Squeeze [12/15/2008]
A Bargain When the Chips Are Down [12/15/2008]
DRAM bailouts seen as a 'disaster' [12/15/2008]
Taiwan's Powerchip submits plan for state aid [12/26/2008]
Taiwan stocks end at 4-day high as LCD makers gain [12/26/2008]
Taipei shares open down 0.34 per cent [12/26/2008]
DRAM Spot Prices Rise On Hopes Samsung May Slow Chip Invest [1/6/2009]
Inphi DDR3 Registers Pass Intel Validation Across Multiple DRAM Suppliers [1/6/2009]
Samsung to halve chip investment [1/6/2009]
Deals of the day -- mergers and acquisitions [1/21/2009]
Taiwan's DRAM sector in need of restructure [1/21/2009]
WRAPUP 1-Tie-up talks for Taiwan DRAM makers heat up [1/21/2009]
DRAM maker Nanya losses widen in 2008 [1/21/2009]
AMD: Fusion APU will live in harmony with discrete graphics [8/9/2010]
AMD disclosed bulldozers performance: 16 nuclear and 50% higher than the 12 nuclear [8/9/2010]
Optimization of the new release new CPU support AMD OverDrive [8/9/2010]
AMD Introduces World's fastest CMOS transistors [8/16/2010]
From single core to the six core: AMD CPU surfaced four new [8/16/2010]
Open II nuclear quad-core Phenom die 970 cracked six-core [11/1/2010]
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