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8 Department Adds New Army Flying edge A870X board for just 599 yuan

AMD 870 motherboard 890GX more than the price advantage can be considered a follow-up of the AMD 770 platform to make. Recently, the use of all solid capacitors, double copper PCB material of Yeston flight arrival edge A870X board has now offer 599 yuan.

● Yeston Yeston Fei Fei edge A870X V1.1 edge A870X V1.1 (parameters Quote Comment)
Basic parameters
Type of desktop application
AMD 870 chipset motherboard
CPU has integrated
CPU Socket Socket AM3
Motherboard Bus 5200MT / s, support HyperTransport 3.0 Technology
CPU Support AMD Phenom support type II Quad, Yi Long II trinuclear, Athlon II quad, Athlon II trinuclear, Athlon dual-core processor II
Structure ATX Motherboard
Chip parameters
AMD chipset manufacturers
AMD 870 Northbridge chipset
AMD SB850 Southbridge chipset
Integrated chip card / adapter
Onboard Audio Onboard Realtek ALC662 6-channel HD Audio
LAN chip onboard Gigabit Ethernet controller chip Realtek RTL8111DL
Hardware parameters
Memory Type DDR3
Transmission standard DDR3 1333 (OC) / 1066/800
Support for 16GB of memory
The number of memory slots 4 DDR3 DIMM memory slots
Dual channel memory support
SATAII hard disk interface standard
SATA 6Gbps Interface 6
Graphics interface standard PCI Express × 16
PCI slot 1 PCI Express × 16 2.0 slot 2 PCI Express × 1 slot 2 PCI slots
USB interface, USB2.0 interface, the number of 10
PS / 2 interface, a PS / 2 mouse interface, a PS / 2 keyboard interface
External port 1 serial interface, a coaxial output connector, 1 RJ45 network interface, USB interface, audio interface
Other Features
Five-phase power circuit
An 8-pin power connector, a 24-pin power connector
Random annex manual, driver CD, SATA cable, I / 0 Shield

Yeston fly edge A870X V1.1

[Reference price] 599 yuan

[Contact Us] 010-82696198

[Address] Dinghao 3309

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Page 2: Yeston flying blade specifications analysis

Yeston fly edge A870X board is a collection of ultra-durable bronze twice, dynamic energy, SATA3.0 and other high-technology products, motherboards, with a large plate-type program, chipsets for the AMD 870X + SB850, all equipped with full military grade solid capacitors, supports HT3.0 bus interface to a full range of support AM3 processors.

Power supply specifications, the Yeston-powered flying blade A870X part of the design of four-phase power design, fully meet the AMD Athlon Ⅱ and Phenom Ⅱ processor power demand, per phase power supply MOS governing the use, under a program for two , whether the temperature or by the performance of current capacity are greatly enhanced.

Yeston flying blade used Yeston independent board A870X double copper ultra-durable technology, the main feature is the use of a double copper PCB, and all use of military grade solid state capacitors and inductors closed, combined with low impedance MOSFET, the MOS of choice of materials used in the United States on all high-quality MOS AO control, resistance is very low, the stability of the platform and lay a solid foundation for the application of these technologies so that Yeston fly edge A870X board has better thermal performance and electrical performance, with very high stability and long life.

In addition to supply solid materials, the Yeston this board to join the special "Frequency Conversion" Design: Yeston unique DES (Dynamic Energy Saving) --- dynamic energy saving technology. This feature is used by the Yeston UPI high PWM chipset brought.

Back interfaces, the Yeston fly edge A870X motherboard designed up to 6 USB, parallel and coaxial audio, Gigabit LAN and 5.1 channel, to meet customer needs.

This board is currently Yeston AMD 870X motherboard of the more outstanding products, solid-state capacitance plus twice the copper PCB, support for dynamic energy efficiency, support SATA3.0, support for quad / 6 crack open the nuclear core, while the price actually only 599 element, is the commercial value of the 870 board in a most worthy of consideration options.

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